Don’t buy ANY art marketing training until you read this…
How One Thing Resulted in an Artist Meeting Her Financial Goals in 2017

Look at the New Truck She Bought by Doing Just That One Thing

A Note from Eric Rhoads, Art Publisher

Dear Elaine,

Marketing experts will tell you that sometimes one little thing you do can lead to big results. Sometimes it’s predictable. Often it’s unexpected.

Just recently I saw these words posted in a private Facebook group by an artist named Lindy Cook Severns.

"I drove this 2018 beauty home yesterday … and we could have paid cash for it, just from my art sales this past year."

She went on to point out that there was no difference in her work that resulted in more income. It was a change in the way she approaches her art sales. One thing she did differently.

"I’m painting the same quality work I’ve done in the past … what was different for 2017 was MARKETING."

She went on to say…

"I met my $$ goal, plus, plus."

Meaning she made more money than the goal she had set for herself.

How did she do it?

There is a deep back story she told me when I interviewed her about this on the phone today…

Lindy is no babe in the woods. She is an experienced artist who has made a career of art by following the "traditional route" of selling her work out of galleries.

But something so dramatic happened that it disrupted her success almost overnight. Two major galleries that had been sending her checks consistently for years closed. Suddenly the majority of her income was lost.

Though she never stopped selling paintings completely, her world was instantly disrupted.

Lindy had never chased galleries and had always been invited in, and the idea of starting over at her age was not appealing. Plus she had been hearing stories from other artists who had lost the galleries they had relied on, so she felt getting new ones might be tough, with every other displaced artist also chasing the remaining galleries.

"I’m older," said Lindy. "I don’t want to have to travel to art shows to make a living. I thought that, rather than relying on galleries again, I wanted to be in control of my career."

Lindy told me she had to do something radical. "I had nothing to lose. I wasn’t selling anywhere close to as much artwork, I had lost my major venues, so I was very receptive to something new."

The answer lies in one very specific marketing solution.

I have taught hundreds of artists how to market their artwork, but many artists say things like…

  • "Isn’t there an easier way? I don’t really want to have to learn marketing."

  • "I just want to paint. I know I need marketing, but it’s too much work."

  • "I’m not good at marketing. Can someone just help me, or do it for me?"

Then one day an artist said something that opened my eyes….

"Can’t you just give me a template where I can plug in my art and have it do all the work for me, so I don’t have to figure out this marketing thing?"

From that, Art Marketing in a Box was born, and it is the one thing that Lindy Cook Severns used to meet and exceed her goals as an artist.

She said, "I’m not one who just signs up for the latest gadgets and crazes easily. But when I saw Art Marketing in a Box, it hit me at a time I needed a solution. I was willing to learn something new because I had no choice if I wanted to continue to make a living as a painter. So I did my homework, checked on your reputation, and decided it was worth trying."

Lindy confided, "I’m only using a small portion of the entire Art Marketing in a Box package, yet it’s working so well for me that I doubled the big number I had set for my 2017 goal.

"In fact, I now have collectors fighting to be the first to buy my work as soon as I use one of the tools you provided me. Each time I use it, I sell a couple of paintings, and now the phone rings with a sale the second I hit send."

I told Lindy she made my day with that story. It feels good when I know this is working even better than expected!

Easy as Paint-by-Numbers for Art Marketing

Here is how it works…

There is a principle I teach in marketing about keeping your name in front of others frequently through various methods that allow you to stand out.

But … it’s not quite that simple, because WHAT you say and HOW you present it matters too, and there is branding involved.

In Art Marketing in a Box, I give you a thick notebook filled with "done for you" tools, campaigns, checklists, and an annual calendar for you to implement. The campaigns will get you noticed, make you stand out, build your brand, make people look forward to hearing from you, and sell more artwork.

I provide you with a full year of campaigns.  All you have to do is plug in your own information and implement them. Ninety-nine percent of the hard work is already done for you.

Why Art Marketing in a Box Will Make You Money

Artists who market themselves see much bigger success. Frequent contact, creative messaging, and campaigns to get existing customers to spend more will sell more artwork.

Who This Is For

Art Marketing in a Box is designed for artists who are not getting the sales they deserve, who are tired of struggling, and who know something needs to change

  • Artists who want to have the security net of a LOCAL and a NATIONAL sales strategy

  • Artists who want to be represented by more galleries

  • Artists who are ready to market their work, who are tired of not having enough in the bank, and who want enough money to do the things they want to do

  • People who are not interested in spending a lot of time on marketing, but are willing to spend some time

  • People who want consistent sales they can rely on and are tired of living with "feast or famine"

  • Artists who don’t want to wait out the decades it can take to build big success

Who This Is Not For

  • It’s not for you if purchasing it brings you any financial hardship. It’s better to wait till you can afford to spend the money and do things right. But if you just have to make a stretch, that’s OK, because most successes start with a stretch and getting out of your comfort zone

  • If it’s going to sit on the shelf unused and collecting dust

  • If you’re not passionate about helping others find and buy your artwork

  • If your work is not ready to be seen and owned by others

  • If you don’t have enough work to sell

  • If you believe the myth of "If you paint it, they will come" — you must buy into the idea that marketing is necessary to have a fruitful career

  • If you’re unwilling to devote a day or two or three a month to your marketing

  • If you’re seeking a magic pill and are not willing to do some work on your own career

  • If you’re lazy and unmotivated

  • If you’re not willing to plant seeds and give them time to grow your sales

  • If you’re unwilling to invest some money in your career success

  • It’s also not for people who think that marketing is "manipulative" or "evil"

Art Marketing in a Box Is

the First 100 percent Done-for-You System

It Lives Up to Its Claims of HUGE Increases in Art Sales

I’m talking about permanent sales increases, gains that continue as long as you continue to implement the system.

Art Marketing in a Box is a true, proven, done-for-you system for the artist who wants a long-term thriving career and consistent art sales, with increases year after year.

You’ll have an "omnipresence" that not only brings you new customers, but turns existing customers into consistent and frequent buyers.

It does not require you to hire expensive "experts" to invent your marketing. It gives you more time to focus on creating art. This means that it efficiently lets you be the artist you want to be and gives you answers about the marketing process you should be implementing each month.

You can spend more time painting and less time worrying about where your next sale will come from. And you’re in control of your career.

Art Marketing in a Box will significantly increase your art sales ... and the "dry spells" of no painting sales will be eliminated!

Here’s What Art Marketing in a Box Can Do for You…

  • Increase your overall visibility as a viable and important artist

  • Increase your brand awareness among collectors, and do so very quickly

  • Let you experience DRAMATIC increases in art sales ... in record time

  • Get repeat business from past customers who will buy a second, third, or fourth painting. You’ll crank out repeat business like never before ... without feeling depressed or "unworthy," or feeling lost about what to do with your marketing

  • Create special "cash flow surge" campaigns to stimulate sales during times when you need a little extra cash

  • Increase your total annual sales of artwork

  • Increase demand for your work, which allows you to make annual increases in your pricing so you can paint less and make more on each painting

  • Help you find affluent art buyers, so you’re not battling price objections

  • Provide you with more than two dozen different ways to make thousands of extra dollars every year

  • Improve your financial performance

  • Reduce the fatigue of living hand-to-mouth

  • Promote income balance and reduce vulnerability so you don’t have all your income coming from a single source

And Best of All: Art Marketing in a Box Is Simple and Easy to Use, and You Don’t Need to Spend Time on Dead-End Marketing

  • No copy to write

  • No designs to create

  • No newsletters to write

  • No campaigns to create

  • No trying to figure out what to do next

  • No more fears about where your next dollar is coming from

  • No more sleepless nights knowing you should be doing something, but not knowing what to do

The Art Marketing in a Box system includes:

  • Done-for-you e-mail campaigns

  • Done-for-you direct mail campaigns

  • Done-for-you gallery campaigns (to help you get noticed and picked up by galleries)

  • Done-for-you social media schedules

  • Done-for-you referral campaigns

  • Done-for-you advertising campaigns

  • Done-for-you templates to create all campaigns

  • Done-for-you copy to use on all campaigns

  • Coaching sessions

  • An online accountability and sharing group

  • Exclusive articles (not published elsewhere) to help you grow as a marketer

You also get access to our online "Offer Generator," which helps you create custom offers to make your campaigns come alive.

Here is what you receive:

  • 12 lead-generation postcard templates, complete with creative and graphics

  • 12 monthly "Art Nugget" postcard templates, complete with creative and graphics

  • 12 monthly e-mail newsletter templates, complete with creative and graphics

  • 4 quarterly "cash flow surge" promotion templates, complete with creative and graphics

  • 2 lost-customer reactivation campaign templates, complete with creative and graphics

  • 12 monthly gallery campaign templates, complete with creative and graphics

  • An advertising campaign template, complete with creative and graphics

  • 4 implementation coaching sessions

  • Articles on how to become a local celebrity

  • 12 monthly implementation planners

  • 5 generic promotional campaigns

  • An annual marketing planning calendar

What Do You Want from 2018 and Beyond?

Each year about this time, we tend to think about how we can make next year a better year. But at the end of the year we realize that we’ve missed our goals and never really made any significant progress. Hopefully this isn’t you.

We’ve all heard the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, hoping for different results.

Steps I Would Take Right Now to Create a Great 2018 and Beyond

  1. Order Art Marketing in a Box right now.

  2. Listen to the special private "members only" webinars we recorded to get you started.

  3. Use the planner, starting with January, to implement the program.

  4. Use your downtime during the holidays to put the first month or two of campaigns together and develop your contact list.

  5. Pull the trigger and implement your own program.

Let me be frank…

You can do 100 percent of this on your own, without ordering it from me.

All you have to do is devote time to creating your own campaigns in each of the areas on the list above. It took us months and hundreds of hours with a team of professional copywriters, marketing experts, creative directors, and graphic artists, and we had to license the images used.

You can do all of this on your own, but is it the best use of your time?

The whole point of Art Marketing in a Box is to avoid having to do all that work.

Ask yourself these important questions…

  • Do you want to be 100 percent reliant on others to sell your work for you?

  • Do you want to have control over your art career?

  • Are there things you want to do with your life that are being restricted because you’re not selling enough artwork?

  • Are there places you want to travel, if only you had more sales to make that happen?

  • Is selling more artwork in 2018 important to you?

  • How much more artwork do you need to sell to hit your big goal?

  • What are you going to do differently that will make a giant difference in your success?

  • Do you want to spend all your time on marketing, or on painting?

  • How would your life change if you did not have to worry about money?

You could be opening up your Art Marketing in a Box system tomorrow.

It is 100 percent guaranteed. If you use it, provide documentation that you implemented it fully each month for a year as recommended, and don’t sell at least double what you paid for it in artwork, I’ll refund 100 percent of your money.

It’s easy to order...

Call us toll-free NOW at 800.610.5771 or click the LEARN MORE button below.


Eric Rhoads, Publisher
PleinAir Magazine

PS: We all have to invest in our careers. If selling more art is important to you for 2018, you need to do something now. I’m very enthusiastic about Art Marketing in a Box. In the year or so since I first released it, I’ve seen artists hit their goals and generate more money. There is zero risk because if it does not work for you, I’ll refund your money. It worked for Lindy Cook Severns, and it will work for you.

"Art Marketing In A Box" Copyright 2017 - Streamline Publishing Inc.